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Zoomin offers customized gifts

Zoomin offers customized gifts

Now customized gifts are popular in India. But a few years ago, it was not the situation. In fact, Zoomin had to face losses in its initial years. This Mumbai based startup began offering both online and offline customized gifts in the country. But, the business was not smooth at that time.

Sachin Katira joined the company as a Head of the customer service. Later he took over the business from its founder. The founder of Zoomin sold the business to Sachin in 2018 due to losses. He decided to focus on some other business.

Sachin, who was confident about the success of the personalized gifting business in the country, bought Zoomin from the founder with his friend. He started its operations fresh and focussed mainly on the online business model to sell through its website and mobile app. He succeeded in his efforts, and the revenue is growing year-over-year.

However, they had to face many challenges in the beginning. Customer acquisition is one of the main challenges of the company. The duo overcame it. The success of the company is that it delivers even to remote cities. That’s why the company has market penetration in Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns.

Sachin claims that the company witnessed a growth of around 60 per cent since its acquisition. While the company had eight lakh customers in 2018, it has 21 lakhs now. The number of app users also increased from seven lakhs to 17 lakhs. The company has a high retention rate of customers. Around 50 per cent of its customers are repeat customers.

On average, Zoomin receives 25,000 orders in a month. Sachin plans to introduce Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence tools soon to improve his business.

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