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Wildermart – A sustainable grocery store

Wildermart – A sustainable grocery store

Due to the pandemic, many online grocery stores emerged. Some of the previously launched startups switched to online operations during the lockdown to improve their business.

Wildermart is one such startup. It started its operations as Wilderfest in 2018 before COVID-19.

Later, the founders renamed it. Wildermart is an online grocery store. The startup claims that it is completely different from others that operate regularly.

Wildermart was founded by Swaroop Mohan and Shweta Thakur. It offered vegan products at a food festival held in Delhi.

Though the startup successfully sold its products at the event, the founders realized that it was not impacted people much. They thought that permanent solutions are required for a great impact.

Meanwhile, due to COViD-19, many customers switched to online stores. Then, the startup changed its business model and started operations as Wildermart.

It launched many vegan and sustainable products on Earth Day last year, i.e. April 22, 2021.

The startup sells products through website and a mobile application. Customers can place their orders through any of them.

At present, Wildermart offers delivery in Bengaluru only. It has over 2,000 products in 30 categories. The startup assures to offer organic fruits and vegetables. Besides, it also provides chemical-free home care products.

The startup procures most of its products from local farmers and manufacturers. As Wildermart is a vegan brand, it offers various types of plant-based dairy products, including cashew milk, ice cream, ghee etc. Besides, it offers meat alternatives like jackfruit keema.

Wildermart is an eco-conscious brand. Hence, most of its products are delivered in plastic alternatives. In addition to that, they use electric vehicles for delivering products.

The startup fulfilled over 1,300 orders within one year. Around 35 per cent are repeat customers. It has 10 employees. The founders are working on identifying the challenges involved with the online grocery business model to expand their business further.

Image Credit: Wildermart Website Screenshot

Image Reference: https://wildermart.com/