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TruckBhejo – Technology-driven Logistics Platform

TruckBhejo – Technology-driven Logistics Platform

The logistics sector in India is growing. Yet, there are some gaps, like a lack of technological solutions. Hence, Nilesh, a truck driver’s son, launched TruckBhejo, a technology-driven logistics platform for users.

This IIM Bangalore alumnus did not want to be part of the logistics sector due to his parents’ financial problems. They lacked a regular income. Besides, social taboos associated with truck driving made him decide not to be a part of logistics. But, when he was working at Reliance Jio as a Senior Products Manager, he realized that the logistics sector needed technology-led solutions. Then it would be a great business opportunity. That’s why Nilesh launched TruckBhejo along with his batchmate, Supreet Perisetla.

TruckBhejo provides services based on an annual contract. The startup offers first, middle, and last mile delivery services to telecom, manufacturing, retail, and FMGC companies.

It started its operations in 2016 and completed one million deliveries. It connects the three main stakeholders of a project – the customer, driver, and internal operations manager through specific applications. These applications help track the cargo from the onset to the end of the journey, that is, the first to last mile. All these three stakeholders can trace the location of truck drivers. This helps solve the issue if any faced by truck drivers during their journey. Thus, TruckBhejo ensures seamless operations from the beginning till the end.

Nilesh says that everything at TruckBhejo will be pre-planned in advance for continuous operations and efficient deliveries.

TruckBhejo works with many big companies like Amazon, Flipkart etc. It also works with many small businesses. This Mumbai-based startup has a fleet of more than 3,000 trucks with 37 contract players.

The orders of the startup are in the range of 500 kg to 25 tonnes. TruckBhejo earns through annual contracts. It charges per trip based on the route and vehicle.

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