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Students start-up: Solar Powered Cars

Students start-up: solar powered cars

These students who were interested in making something unique used their talent to make a solar powered car.

They are students from R V College of Engineering in Bengaluru.

It all started when they heard a self-study seminar. In 2013, the Solar Car Team started working.

What started as a goal became reality today. The team has more than 30 students who work together for their love of innovation.

These students are from various departments of RVCE like Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical and Computer Science engineering.

The team is divided into four departments: Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics, Logistics, and Sponsorship and Marketing.

They work on technology to improve the usage of solar energy in transportation and automotive sector.

Their focus is on making various race cars which run on solar power.

Students start-up: solar powered cars

Students start-up: solar powered cars

These cars have high performance and are used to participate in Solar Challenges held across the globe.

The group itself conducts several events to attract other students and people from local communities.

The team collaborated over 25 times to build their solar car.

They engaged with various big names like Mahindra Reva, Schneider Electric, Keysight Technologies, IFM, Vicor, Hindalco, 3M, HHV Solar, SanE and Altair.

The manufacturing of the car began in May 2015. They named it Soleblaze.

The car was finished by September 2015. Light weight parts like aluminum chassis, carbon fiber body and silicon solar panels were used to make it.

They showcased it at the campus of IT giant Infosys which led to funding and personal guidance from company Co-founder Narayana Murthy.

Students start-up: solar powered cars

Students start-up: solar powered cars

They finally succeeded in making Racing car Soleblaze.

It if the first prototype by the RVCE Solar Car Team.

The car coverts solar energy into electrical energy which runs the motor.

The converted energy is also stored in a lithium ion battery so it can be saved for later.

Image Reference: YourStory, RVCE

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