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Shuttl offers stress free travel

Shuttl offers stress free travel

Shuttl is one of the largest office commute service providers in India. It was founded in 2015 by Amit Singh and Deepanshu Malviya.

Shuttl was established to provide hassle-free commuting addressing the issues of pollution in the cities.

In urban areas, vehicle emissions and horns are the main reasons for environment pollution and sound pollution.

Shuttl wants to reduce the pollution aiming to target the car users to travel through public transport and thus help reducing the pollution.

It is a safe and cost-effective solution for urban citizens of India.

Users can enjoy an AC bus ride for just ₹60 which is the starting price. Daily and monthly plans are also available.

To use Shuttl, users need to download the app. After that, they can select their routes and reserve their seats in their desired time slots.

Shuttl uses the latest technology to improve their users’ experience.

For instance, Shuttl buses have a sound-based technology called chirp. It is a button which is tapped by the commuter while boarding the bus rather than showing the booking manually to the driver.

Thus, it reduces the delay in boarding process.

Often seats in Shuttl are sold 24 hours in advance. This shows how popular has its service become.

The services started with just two commuters initially, which quickly grew to 100 rides daily in two weeks. The founders started this service with two hired Toyota Innovas.

Then, they requested the passengers to try to Shuttl service by visiting the bus stops in Gurugram.

At present, Shuttl offers its services in seven cities including Delhi-NCR region with around 45,000 rides daily.

More than 150 routes are covered and 800 buses are operated. In Delhi alone, the company runs 450 air-conditioned buses on 75 routes.

300 pick-up points are there for a ride of around 20,000 people each day.


Image Reference: Quartzindia

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