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Shipping Exchange –common platform for freights

Shipping Exchange –common platform for freights

Shipping Exchange is a common platform for freight forwarders, non-vessel operating common carriers (NVOCCs) and shipping lines. The aim of it is to remove the middlemen in the entire business. The company was founded in 2014 by Ashutosh Shrivastava and Harmeet Kohli.

Shipping Exchange is useful at removing the need for agents and small-time services businesses. They add unnecessary extra cost without offering transport solutions. This platform is great for large freight forwarders and liners as the platform is helpful in getting them more customer leads at a single place rather than dealing with multiple small companies.

Shipping Exchange is helpful for shippers to get the best freight rates on their shipments from a wide range of service providers.

Anyone can register for free on their website. After that, one can post one’s Freight Request using ‘Post Freight Request’ option. After that, one can get many offers from various services providers. The service providers can openly compete with each other at giving a lower rate. One can choose the best option based on the offers. Users will also get an email notification when there is a lower quote than before.

Once a service provider is selected by the user, the user can ask them to contact. Then, they can deal with them directly. The benefit of Shipping Exchange is that it is free and they claim that it will always be.

For freighters, there are many sales leads / opportunities directly from shippers worldwide. Freighters can subscribe for a free 1 month trail. They can quote rates on inquiries posted by shippers based on their choice. They can also post deals on ports if they want. If they like the website, they can continue the subscription.

Shipping Exchange is not a mediator and makes the promise of never coming in between shippers and freighters. The cost of getting one lead from Shipping Exchange is generally 1/12th of normal cost.

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