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ReferHire helps to get your dream job

ReferHire helps to get your dream job

Recruitment process is one of the tough tasks for an organization as it involves finding suitable candidates.

At the same time, job seekers also find it difficult to get their dream job. Despite several networks that help in the recruitment process in the country, there is still a gap.

ReferHire, a human resources technology startup helps improve transparency and efficiency in the recruitment process.

RegerHire was founded by Rohit Tewari and Jaspreet Oberoi. This Delhi based startup creates a peer-to-peer (P2P) networking platform by connecting entities and jobseekers.

Rohit, the CEO of the startup is an expert in recruiting manpower. He says that a recruiter has to interact with many candidates externally and numerous heads internally which results in lack of proper transparency and process.

Several jobs are closed through referrals and often a prospective employee’s CV may not get noticed due to the large volume.

ReferHire believes that hiring should be shifted to P2P networks where non-HR executives will contact a prospective candidate.

In order to improve user experience and relationship, ReferHire uses Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The platform creates a professional community in a hiring context. Companies can gain by connecting with many qualified people on the network.

The process involves referrals to find a better candidate with higher loyalty. It also results in a lower cost in the entire recruitment process.

P2P hiring model has higher transparency as well. The HR tech market is increasing year-by-year. It is expected to be doubled in the next four years in India.

ReferHire community has around 600,000 professionals and 95,000 companies across various industries. It has generated about one million job views and nearly 5,000 candidates have been recruited via its network.

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