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PurpleDocs- Healthtech startup

PurpleDocs- Healthtech startup

Due to emerging technology, revolutionary startups are growing. Healthtech startups use technology to ease the process of diagnosis and treatment.

Patient history is vital for diagnosis. If one or other crucial details are not explained to the doctor, it may result in a faulty diagnosis. These small details can improve the treatment of the patients.

However, most of the clinical data in the country is available in paper format. Hence it is not retrievable at all times especially if the patient does not store the reports securely.

In this context, the digitization of reports is beneficial for both diagnosis as well as treatment. Realizing the need of patient records, Deepak and Pooja Gupta started PurpleDocs, a healthtech startup.

PurpleDocs enables the digitization of patient records like case sheets, lab reports, MRIs, CT scans, x-Rays, and in-patient reports.

These reports are encrypted and stored in the cloud safely. Thus, there is no risk of losing the data of patients.

Doctors can access the patient records through all devices on this platform at any time. They can also share the record with the patients with just a click.

PurpleDocs has an Android app, MyPD, to help patients manage and analyse their family’s medical history for free.

Patients can also locate nearby hospitals and medical shops through this app. The app also facilitates them to share their medical records instantly with a third-party.

Other facilities include lab visits, follow-ups etc. The clients of PurpleDocs can choose from various pricing models that the startup offers.

Monthly and annual subscription models are available. However, clients need to pay a one-time licensing fee.

After that, the startup allows pay per use model. The startup offers various subscription models to hospitals and clinics as well. They can choose as per the type of their hospital and volume of their patients.

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