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Best Hyderabadi Healthcare startups

Best Hyderabadi Healthcare startups

Healthcare is one of the most important factors of the modern lifestyle, since it has expanded the human lifespan by providing people with treatment for injuries, medicines for diseases, and better guidelines for an overall healthy lifestyle.

Hyderabad is becoming known for its startups, and for its healthcare ones in particular.

Many of the city’s healthcare startups are driving India forward in the medical field. The startups range from hospitals to specialty labs.

These are some of the best healthcare startups coming forward in Hyderabad.

Docturnal was founded by Rahul Pathri in 2016. His startup aims to deal with the issue of tuberculosis. Tuberculosis infects a third of the world’s population and it is the leading cause of death around the globe. Docturnal’s app, TimBre, allows all people to test themselves for tuberculosis.

A person must cough into a special microphone that is attached to his or her mobile device. The microphone is connected to TimBre. A medical practitioner records the sound of the cough and detects if the person is positive or negative for tuberculosis.

Onward Health was founded in 2016 by Dinesh Koka. Koka’s startup has a predictive healthcare analysis platform that has a core focus on oncology. The startup’s platform, Onward Assist, is a predictive analytics tool that provides valuable insights on a person’s health.

Onward Assist is building automated diagnostic tools that assist pathologists. Onward Health’s team is also looking at risk scoring for their patients.

Psynapce is a startup that aims at helping expectant parents to alleviate their stress during the time of pregnancy. The startup empowers them with tools that help them lower their stress levels. Conversational artificial intelligence (AI) is used in building chatbots.

These chatbots answer common queries on Psynapce’s app. Psynapce is looking to create a technology-enabled ecosystem that can bring spouses, family, friends, doctors, and other expecting couples together.

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