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Plugo – Power bank Rental startup

Plugo – Power bank Rental startup

Nowadays the usage of mobile phones and laptops is growing. As a result, the usage of chargers also increased. How difficult would it be if your phone’s battery ran out due to a lack of charger?

It is not possible to carry your charger all times. Power banks came to rescue during such type of problems.

Yet, power banks cannot be carried with you as there are not so many public charging stations in India.

In this context, Plugo came into the field. It is a power bank rental startup. Now many millennials are showing interesting in hiring things like cars, bikes, furniture, workspace etc.

Considering their mindset, Plugo came into the field to serve them. Plugo was founded by Nawal Lodha and Abhishek Kumar.

It is an IoT-enabled and fully automated power bank rental platform. As the behavioural shift has been witnessed over the years in the country and sharing platforms have increased, Plugo hoped to capture a significant market share.

Plugo works on the subscription model. It has different subscription models like hourly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans. Just rent it, charge your device and return it.

Plugo has vending terminals across the country at metro stations, offices, airports, coworking spaces, shopping malls, hospitals, restaurants, colleges etc. to dispense power banks to customers who need them.

Customers can download Plugo app on the mobile phones to locate the nearest dispenser. They have to sign-in with an OTP and pay a security deposit of ₹199 to take the power bank from the terminals. This security deposit is refundable.

Since their servers are connected via IoT, usage locations are not limited. Users can collect a power bank from any of their dispensers and return it another dispenser in any of the cities in which they are operating.

They can pick up and drop power banks as many times as they want based on their subscription.

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