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Phi Commerce – Fintech company

Phi Commerce – Fintech company

Phi Commerce, a financial technology offers innovative digital payments with their solutions.

India mainly runs on cash. Though some Indians converted to digital mode of payments after demonetization, still majority of Indian rely on cash transactions.

In order to ease the digital mode of payments with their solutions, Phi Commerce started. It is a Pune based company.

Phi Commerce provides several services. Its PayPhi Digital Enablement Suite has many aspects.

These include the following:

  • PayPhi Gateway provides error-free and secure payment processing for different methods.
  • PayPhi e-invoices enables remote payments. As it is customizable to a single click payment, it provides hassle free solutions to their customers.
  • In-store solutions provide digital payment acceptance easily.
  • eCOD helps consumers make cashless payments on delivery by shopping online.
  • Cashless collections aids merchants automate their collections.
  • Other services include settlements, credit, subscriptions and account management.

It supports both debit and credit cards, mobile wallets and net banking services. In addition to that, users can pay via UPI, Bharat QR and Aadhaar Pay.

Phi Commerce helps their customers pay at the time of delivery, as in, doorstep delivery. In other words, they assist their customers in e-payments by sending SMS and email links to customers so that they can make payments at the time of delivery.

Phi Commerce urges the customers to transact digitally for hassle-free transactions. Normally cash on delivery needs the presence of recipient.

But, the company allows customers to receive their postpaid order without their physical presence at the location.

The company has more than 5,000 merchants and many logistic partners.

Phi Commerce encourages card payments by incentivizing them via cashbacks and rewards. For this, it partnered with Mastercard.

It is operational at present in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru and will be extended to other cities as well in 2019.

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