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Passion turned to business

Passion turned to business

There are numerous opportunities now for people who want to become entrepreneurs.

Here are certain people who turned their passion into a business and their hobby into profit-making ventures:

Qwerty Thoughts was founded by Jasleen Khurana and Prateek Gupta. They are a wife and husband. The couple founded this for readers to discuss books with people who have similar reading interests. Here each book is like a reading room. Readers can connect, discuss and share their experiences in real-time with like-minded people.

Started as an offline platform, the group attracted many readers. Hence, it was launched in early 2019 as an online platform and more than 1,000 authors registered from various counties including the US, UK, Germany and India. The couple invested ₹8 lakh for content, events, R&D, technology, product development and legal requirements.

Qwerty Thoughts has 6,000 registered users and more than 1,500 books. The company receives revenue from readers who pay for the book and also from authors for using promotional tools and services of the company. The company started generating revenue of ₹50,000 in the last two months. The founders expect profitability within two years.

TrackMyPhones was founded by twins Srihari and Shrinidhi Karanth. These brothers from Bengaluru are computer engineers. They are passionate about developing websites and applications. The duo experimented with various things related to app development especially on the safety of smartphones and its users.

Their research led to the birth of TrackMyPhones. Started as a hobby, the duo developed an app called Thief Tracker. This app captures the photo from the front camera of a smartphone and mails it to the user if someone tries to unlock the device and fails in his attempts multiple times.

The app attracted smartphones users. As many as 15,000 users installed it in a day. Observing the overwhelming response, these brothers started TrackMyPhones in 2016. This app can track the location of a phone and send remote commands including blowing a siren, taking pictures and videos, making a call etc.

The company has many apps on anti-theft, remote monitoring, parental control, and women’s safety. It operates at a minimal cost which does not exceed more than ₹35,000. All apps are free to users. The company generates revenue through advertisements in the apps.

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