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MealRobs – new startup for food delivery

MealRobs – new startup for food delivery

Most people know that college is a stressful experience, and Rishav Bajora and Shourya Pratap are no exceptions. They are used to having to give up on their time for sleep in order to finish their work overnight.

However, doing this means that they often would need to rush out to restaurants or to the college mess hall to stock up on food for the long night.

This causes many problems for students like Bajora and Pratap, since many restaurants close too early for them, and the mess hall would tend to run out of food around the same time. Also, most food delivery startups exist in larger cities, not smaller ones like where their college is.

Therefore, out of frustration, one night the duo and their friends began MealRobs, a small-scale food-ordering platform for their area. It allows users to order a meal from a restaurant and have it delivered right at their doorstep.

It also allows them to give feedback about their meals by allowing them to post online after their delivery is made. Initially, restaurants in the area were wary of partnering with the college student-run MealRobs, but after they received good results with their 14-day trials, they agreed to the partnership.

The first success of the company was when a group of 70 college students ordered a meal from them worth ₹8,000. Since their beginning, they have had a total income of ₹500,000 from 2,000 customers.

They strive to maintain the quality of the deliveries and their timings to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Currently, with their seed funding of ₹250,000, they are planning to further develop their products and spread their operations to five other small cities, thus hopefully reaching at least 60,000 users.

MealRobs – new startup for food delivery

MealRobs Team

In a market where many such companies have begun and failed, the success of MealRobs gives the team hope to grow and flourish in the future.

Image Reference: MealRobs, YourStory

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