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Market Pulse helps stock traders

Market Pulse helps stock traders

Though many people are interested in stock trading, they will be far away from it due to fear of losing money. Ordinary investors confuse the fluctuations and volatility of the stock market. As a result, they cannot continue for a long time despite having a hope of earning good money with stock trading. Often, the fear of losing causes loss. It increases their fear further.

But, if you have fair knowledge, you can generate a good income from stock trading. To help stock traders, Market Pulse emerged into the market.

This Mumbai-based startup helps stock traders by providing smart tools to generate continuous income through stock trading.

Amit Dhakad and Hiral Jain founded Market Pulse. The duo says that investors need knowledge tools or information to get a sustainable income with stock trading.

Hence, they wanted to help ordinary investors succeed in trading. Understanding the need of technology, they utilized it. As the smartphone is the most common accessible device for many people, they mainly focused on it.

There are many stock market tools in the market, but only very few tools are designed for a smartphone.

Market Pulse is purely designed for smartphone users. The active traders including commodities and the stock market on Market Pulse are 5.5 lakhs.

It offers numerous tools for retail investors. These include price-volume movement, real-time tracking, high-quality technical charts, and alerts.

These tools facilitate the trading process. Besides, investors can make decisions wisely.

Market Pulse aims to help investors remain in the market with sustainable profits. Hence, their tools help achieve it.

Market Pulse app has more than 20 lakh downloads. Their services are free. However, users will have to pay a fee for advanced products.

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