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KYT Adhere helps patients take prescription drugs on time

KYT Adhere helps patients take prescription drugs on time

Patients who suffer from chronic ailments will have to consume prescribed drugs without missing a dose to prevent serious consequences. Regular consumption of medicines has many benefits. However, patients may miss taking prescription drugs some times.

To help people avoid further complications for non-adhering to medication, Dr Amit Dang, Ms Dimple Dang, and Dr Pawan Rane launched KYT Adhere. It is artificial intelligence (AI)-based digital therapeutics (DTx) mobile application to help patients consume their regular medicines. KYT Adhere is a Goa-based startup.

Dr Amit Dang, CEO of KYT-Adhere says that poor medication is harmful to patients. It worsens the disease and leads to many other complications. Besides, it increases the cost of treatment also, due to which patients have to suffer a lot. Having a pharmacology background, Dr Amit says that despite the availability of efficient medicines for hypertension and diabetes, it is becoming uncontrollable for many patients. This is all due to poor medication adherence.

Since many patients lack awareness on this issue, KYT Adhere came with an innovative solution. It rewards patients for taking prescribed medicines on time. Patients can earn money in the form of cash.

You have to download this mobile application and open it before consuming your medicines. Show the pill to the camera of your mobile phone. The AI-based app detects your medicine and timestamps it. You will get credited with KYT points as soon as you finish consuming the pill.

You can redeem these points to cash after the consumption of prescribed medicines over a period of time.

Apart from that, KYT Adhere also reminds you multiple times about the consumption of medication.

KYT Adhere is also beneficial to pharma, hospitals and health insurance companies. It is aiming for a pharmaceutical industry-sponsored model as it is beneficial to the pharma industry. In addition to that, hospitals partnering with this startup can attract more patients.

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