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Knudge – Easy way to learn English

Knudge - Easy way to learn English

In India, knowing English is the key to success. However, since most Indians do not learn English as their first language, people who have a harder time learning other languages have more difficulty achieving success.

In order to give these people a better chance, Zunaid Ahmed, Pushp Raj Surabh, and Udit Jain decided to create, an app that can help people become more comfortable with their English abilities.

The three founders had trouble becoming fluent in English themselves, so they wanted to give people like them a chance to learn the language better. was positioned as a global edtech platform, so that people from all around the world could use it to learn better English. The app is divided into tiny, bite-sized lessons, which keep app users more engaged.

Additionally, the app provides several games that help improve grammar and build vocabulary. These can be especially useful to help decipher the many infamous homophones and homonyms that English has to offer. gained popularity very quickly, and currently has about half a million users on the Google Play Store. Over 50 lakh lessons have been taken, and over 4 lakh games have been played on the app in total.

In the future, Zunaid, Puhsp, and Udit would like to expand the user base of Last year, was picked up by Facebook’s FbStart program, which can help mobile-based startup apps grow and expand.

Knudge - Easy way to learn English

Zunaid Ahmed

The three founders have all had experience in various startups before, which gives them an edge in expanding their platform. also has an edge over other startups because of how helpful it is to people’s everyday lives

Zunaid emphasizes that tech for tech’s sake will not be a successful product, but tech that has an impact on people’s lives will definitely achieve success.

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