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Instamojo – A payment service

Instamojo – A payment service

The service Instamojo is helpful in easy collection of payments instantly. Users can use this service just by creating a link by adding details. Once the link is created, you can share it with your audience. The payments can be collected in minutes!

The aim of the service is to provide users a unique e-commerce framework which will redefine the routine stuff from payments to delivery. The process is as simple as sharing a link where your audience is.

At present, there are thousands of users are using Instamojo to collect payments for ebooks, reports, tickets, tutorials, merchandise, invoices, services, and much more.

The project was started as a newsletter comprising of video interviews in the year 2010. This was meant as a side project. It was started by the founder Sampad Sawin.

What started as a side project now became the present day Instamojo. They aim to modify on-line commerce with focus on style, delivery and distribution. The founders say that even though Instamojo was started as a side project, it has become something that stands on itself. They say that this is just he begging of it and are planning more expansion. Instamojo was backed by angel investors and venture capital firms.

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