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Horses Stable – Mediator between entrepreneurs and investors

Horses Stable – Mediator between startups and investors

Many people want to be entrepreneurs by commencing their startups. Though many people have business ideas, it is difficult for them to turn their ideas into a business.

They need a good platform to showcase their talents. To help provide an opportunity, Horses Stable came into the field.

The founder is Prashant Agarwal. This twenty-nine-year-old engineer realized that many Indian entrepreneurs are not raising money from investors. Several of them are not aware of how to raise funds. For this, they need a platform.

Then, Prashant started Horses Stable. He was inspired by Shark Tank, a business reality programme in the US.

Horses Stable is a Bengaluru based startup. It was started in January 2019. It is a good platform where ambitious entrepreneurs can pitch their business models along with execution plans to investors to invest money in their businesses on the same day by persuading them.

The investors who are associated with Horses Stable are called ‘Horses’. They evaluate each business idea provided by the startups and decide accordingly.

Startups can find their investors and inventors can get exciting offers on Horses Stable.

Prashant, who worked as a software engineer before starting up his venture, invested ₹1 crore in this.

Horses Stable acts as a mediator between entrepreneurs and investors. It aims to solve the issue within a couple of months after pitching the ideas. The term sheet will be given immediately after the pitch to help process faster.

Horse Stable charges ₹3,0000 from a startup to pitch and ₹3,000 for exhibits at its pitching event.

So far, it helped nearly 18 companies get funds from 39 selected participants.

The company also raised $6 million from investors. However, their names were not disclosed.

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