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Handikart – promoting traditional crafts

Handikart – promoting traditional crafts

India is known for its beautiful authentic arts. Scultping, pottery etc. were done in abundance. These crafts were sold everywhere in the country in ancient days.

As time passed by, the interest on Indian crafts has reduced quite a bit. There were several initiatives to improve their condition and economy.

With the Modi government, there has been quite a lot of encouragement in the revival of Indian classical crafts.

Several startups try to sell the works of artisans too. One of them is Delhi based Handikart. The startup is aimed at reviving and popularizing Indian heritage.

It was started by Priyank Varshney. When he was visiting Jaipur, he saw the beauty of ethnic handmade art there.

He saw that so much talent is going unrecognized. When he saw the price tag of these crafts, he thought it was too high.

However, after talking to the artisans, he understood what made them so special. Each piece of the Gorara stone made by the artisans took 15–20 days to complete.

After doing more research on this market, he saw there were several challenges these artisans faced to get recognition.

Handikart – promoting traditional crafts

Handikart – promoting traditional crafts



There were not many organizations which helped art makers meet art lovers. These art makers did not have the resources to showcase their work all over the world.

Handikart is a platform to show off unique craftsmanship from these artisans. Their products will directly reach consumers who love this kind of crafts.

Priyank himself invested around ₹70 lakh in this startup. Most of it went for procurement. In the eight months of the startup being up, it claims to have made sales of ₹15 lakh.

The startup has over 10,000 products in 75 categories. Craft lovers can find authentic artisan made stuff on the platform. The company sells these crafts globally as well.

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