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PM Vishwakarma Scheme aims at empowering traditional artisans

PM Vishwakarma Scheme aims at empowering traditional artisans

In a significant move, the Union Cabinet has approved the PM Vishwakarma scheme.

The scheme is a landmark initiative aimed at bolstering the livelihoods of approximately 30 lakh traditional artisans and craftsmen across India.

This visionary scheme, with an allocated budget of ₹13,000 crore, encompasses a range of comprehensive measures to uplift the lives of these skilled individuals, including weavers, barbers, laundry workers, etc.

Under this scheme, artisans will be extended a subsidized loan, offering ₹1 lakh in the first installment and an additional ₹2 lakhs in the subsequent phase.

These loans will come with an attractive concessional interest rate of 5 percent.

An essential facet of the PM Vishwakarma scheme involves conferring recognition to artisans and craftspeople through the bestowal of the PM Vishwakarma certificate and an accompanying ID card.

The initiative doesn’t merely end with financial assistance; it extends holistic support through various avenues, encompassing skill enhancement, toolkit incentives, digital transaction encouragement, and marketing support.

Diligently designed to uplift the traditional artistry ecosystem, the scheme features incentives for skill training, providing a stipend of  ₹500 to artisans for skill enhancement.

An additional amount of ₹1500 will be allocated to facilitate the acquisition of contemporary tools, equipping artisans to work with enhanced precision and efficiency.

Aiming to establish a robust and inclusive ecosystem for traditional artisans, the Vishwakarma Yojana spans several components, each contributing to its holistic vision.

These components include liberalized loan terms for easy access, skill upgradation to impart advanced techniques etc. to help artisans effectively showcase their crafts.

Moreover, the scheme holds a profound objective of preserving the family-based transmission of traditional skills.

By strengthening and nurturing this age-old practice, the scheme envisions improving the quality and reach of artisans’ products and services.

At the same time, it ensures their integration into domestic and global value chains.

The scheme’s impact will be felt across rural and urban areas of India, benefiting artisans and craftspeople from diverse backgrounds.

In its initial phase, the scheme will encompass eighteen traditional trades, providing comprehensive support to those who have upheld the legacy of these invaluable crafts.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself announced this visionary scheme during his Independence Day address.

He underscored its significance in the nation’s journey towards empowerment and economic resilience.

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