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Habbit offers delicious and nutritious food & beverages

Habbit offers delicious and nutritious food beverages

Nowadays, consumers are opting for healthy food items. At the same time, they seek delicious and new varieties.

Considering the needs and demands of consumers, Dhruv Bhushan and Dev Kabir Malik launched an F&B startup, Habbit.

This Delhi-based startup offers nutritional and delicious food beverages and ice creams.

Habbit offers different types of low-calorie ice creams, high-quality protein shakes, whey protein, pea protein etc.

These products are available in different flavours and prices. For instance, Habbit Apex, a grade-A whey protein, is available in flavours of strawberry, chocolate, banana etc. They are available in different packs for seven days, 15 days and 30 days. Price varies based on the number of days they last. The price ranges from ₹999 for a pack of seven days. The price is ₹3,199 for a pack of 30 days.

Dhruv Bhushan, the co-founder of Habbit, says that many people are confused about consuming healthy and nutritional food items. Several companies are encashing the confusion of customers by introducing strange foods which actually do not work.

Hence, the founders focussed on providing healthy and delicious food items and beverages. Their main target is households that have an income of below ₹20 lakhs per annum. At the same time, the age of the target is between 25 and 45 years. Currently, there are 10 million households. Habbit estimates their number will increase to 23 million by 2030.

Habbit wants to establish a one-to-one relationship with its customers through digital channels. The startup sells its products on its website as well as on other marketplaces.

Nearly 2,000 people purchased their first set of products. Among them, 60 per cent are repeat customers. Hence, the company need not spend any amount on promotions of their products. The average order value is ₹3,200. The startup claims that 70 per cent of its product buyers are women.

At present, Habbit has around 60 affiliate partners and 20 large community partners.

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Image Reference: https://habbit.health/

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