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Goldmine in garbage

Goldmine in garbage

There is the resource lying all around you—stinking garbage piles. These may be the dregs of Indian society, but they can also make you rich—depending on how you look at it.
Mani Vajipeyajula and Raj Madan Gopal understood it, and in July 2013, started Banyan, a high technology, socially viable recycling value chain. It innovates in every aspect, right from pre-sorting and collecting to post-sorting and processing. It offers suppliers, including townships, small-medium businesses and large corporation pick-up services to dispose their trash. Processed recyclates are sold to reprocessors and producers. They have developed a business model and tapped friends and family members to generate funds. Banyan was their “proprietary software platform”, with many sections, such as the Android-based informal sector lead generator app and an SMS-based trading platform that can locate some recyclers from the informal sector.

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