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ePuja offers online puja booking services

ePuja offers online puja booking services

ePuja is the first religious online portal in India. It provides access to religious ceremonies and remedy rituals in more than 3600 temples in India.

ePuja is a Bengaluru based startup. It was founded in 2014 by Shiva Kumar.

It is a dedicated portal to lead your path to divinity. It also helps rebuilding the faith in youth and encourage them to actively participate in religious rituals.

You can book various Pujas in over 3600 temples using ePuja portal.

Pujas are generally performed on significant days like festivals or auspicious days. You can also perform Pujas on birthdays or anniversaries.

Remedy Pujas are also being conducted to eliminate Doshas in your horoscope.

You can find out the prices of various Pujas in different temples of the country on ePuja portal.

In order to use the service of ePuja, you need to register with the website. After that, choose your required Puja and make payment online via HDFC (for those who live in India). If you live outside India and want to make payment, you can use PayPal.

Offline payment is also accepted which can be done by way of cash to their marketing associates before conducting Puja. Prasadam will be shipped to the given address within 30 days after the Puja.

Confirmation will be sent for Puja date and time and also after the shipment of Prasadam to the users.

The portal covers several of the historical and famous temples in India. New temples have been added to their portal each day.

In addition to Pujas, you can also use ePuja to get help in performing Homams, Sevas and Archanas.

Puja once booked cannot be cancelled. However, you can prepone or postpone by informing them at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled Puja date and time.

You can call at the given toll free number for all issues to speak to their customer care executives.

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