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Fiery Ritual: Tamil Nadu priest bathes in chilli powder water for devotees’ protection

Fiery Ritual: Tamil Nadu priest bathes in chilli powder water for devotees' protection

In Tamil Nadu’s Rameswaram, the solemn rituals of Aadi Amavasai, also known as Pidurkarma Puja, are celebrated with great devotion, drawing thousands of worshippers seeking to alleviate Pitra Dosha.

These rituals traditionally take place at the renowned Rameswaram temple, and devotees flock to participate in this age-old tradition.

Amidst these rituals, a specific ceremony has recently captured the attention of social media.

In Tamil Nadu’s Dharmapuri district, a priest took a remarkable plunge into water mixed with a whopping 108 kg of chilli powder.

The extraordinary act was performed with the belief that it would protect devotees from bad luck and negative influences.

Aadi Amavasai, a crucial day in the Hindu lunar calendar, holds immense importance.

It is believed to offer solace to the souls of ancestors through acts of fasting and special pujas.

Devotees follow a calendar of ceremonies, dedicating pujas to parents in Thai and Aadi months and relatives in Masi, seeking blessings for themselves and their loved ones.

At the same time, they believe that the auspicious Mahalaya Puratasi month is dedicated to all beings for pujas.

Some devotees fast on every Amavasai day, while others opt for pujas performed in memory of sacred places and the purifying act of bathing in holy waters during specific periods.

Notable among these periods are the Udrayana holy phase of Thai and Masi months, as well as the Daksanayana holy season of Adi and Puratasi months.

Devotees commence their day with a dip in the Agni Theertham sea on this day, followed by a sequence of essential rituals. These include sangalpam, darpanam, pindam, gothanam, vastrathanam, and food donations. All these activities are integral components of the Pidurkarma Puja.

The All India Pilgrim Guides Association diligently assists devotees at each Theertha to ensure a smooth and orderly pilgrimage experience and expedite the ritual bathing process.

Security is also paramount, with local law enforcement and hundreds of police from various districts ensuring a vigilant presence.

This unique blend of ancient traditions and extraordinary acts exemplifies the deep-rooted devotion and cultural richness that continue to thrive in Rameswaram.

The annual celebration of Aadi Amavasai brings together the faithful, offering spiritual solace and a sense of unity with their ancestral heritage.

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