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Endless Robotics makes intelligent robots

Endless Robotics makes intelligent robots

Artificial Intelligence is gaining a wide popularity in modern days. Several industries rely on this technology to improve their efficiency while reducing manual errors.

Robots are doing many works substituting human beings. In this scenario, many companies are making and designing new and innovative robots to perform different tasks.

Endless Robotics is one such company which aims to make intelligent robots. These robots can be used in homes, offices and industries.

These robots solve quality problems that affect human resources and environment. Moreover, the company assures these robots are of superior quality and are available at cheaper prices.

The company’s first product is WALT, the wall painting robot. It performs its job efficiently like a professional painter easily and quickly.

Most of the paining job for a new building as well as for renovation is repetitive work. It does not need any special skills to perform this task.

WALT can paint the walls 30 times faster than a normal painter. It is easy to assemble and operate at the construction site.

This robot works from StroX, an automated painting service, and can be easily controlled. What more, it can finish its work effortlessly.

Endless Robotics is a Hyderabad based startup. The company develops robots.

Currently, their main sector of operation is construction. Yet, they want to take the problem specific approach rather than sector specific approach.

Their wall painting robots are very beneficial for construction companies and real estate developers.

It is still in development stage after which it will be available in the market.

However, their first generation robots are available in market with affordable prices to help finish your work quickly and effectively.

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