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Edumarshal helps manage school administration

Edumarshal helps manage school administration

Several edutech companies are emerging due to the need. Many e-learning tools are available to help parents, teachers and school management.

Those who entered this sector in the past are witnessing growth due to their adaptability and popularity among people.

Moreover, not just the digital class facility and video conferencing, several schools are looking for an integrated learning management system.

Edumarshal is one such startup that provides an e-campus solution to schools.

Edumarshal was founded by Gaurav Kumar and Ajay Kumar in 2016. It is a Noida-based startup. It aims to offer a cost-effective management solution to manage school administration with the help of software.

Its ERP software can help track and manage all school-related functions including pre-admission enquiries, admission, examinations, report grading and assessments, hostel management, library management and many more.

Edumarshal has more than 700 schools on-boarded including pre-primary schools to K12. More than 10,000 teachers and 1.5 students are using this platform.

The startup launched an integrated LMS platform in January this year to run a virtual school. The features in this platform include live classes, online classes, student collaborations, discussion forums etc.

Edumarshal helps manage school administration

Edumarshal helps manage school administration

Edumarshal tied up with over 50 schools since the beginning of lockdown. The company claims that their video-based LMS replicates actual class environment to provide a seamless experience to students which in turn creates more interest in them towards studies.

It can be accessed by students, teachers and parents. Students can get access to their study material and download learning content and evaluation tests as per their grade and syllabus.

Schools can also set a timetable as per the class. Currently, the platform offers content only from Hindi and English books.

All NCERT and CBSE books have been uploaded to the LMS by the company. And it is working on converting them into computer-based training (CBT) modules.

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