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Dream Wallets – An online crowdfunding space

Dream Wallets – An Online Crowdsourcing space

Dream Wallets is an online fundraising space where users can get funds with crowdfunding. They enable users to run online campaign centering their idea or product of choice in one of the many categories given.

Furthermore, users can share the links on social media with their friends and well-wishers who support their idea and campaign. Thus, Dream Wallets is a good platform that helps users to bring their concept into life.

Currently, the company supports users in 15 areas. These are not just limited to films, dance and drama, art and craft, music, events, fashion, sports and travel, but also in several other areas like social causes and environmental issues, technology, startups, literature, online and offline games and photography.

The good thing about this portal is users of Dream Wallets can list their idea on their website without paying any charge. If the users have clarity in their idea, they can get funding for their idea as quickly as possible; sometimes it may be less than an hour.

To list their idea, users should first create a profile with the website. The project idea should meet their guidelines. The staff of the website help create a campaign page after reviewing the project submitted by the users. They help in refining the videos or marketing plans if it is necessary. Each campaign can run for a specific period of 30 days to 90 days. They work as a mentor to help you reach your goal of making your dream project come into light.

Two types of funding are available there: Flexible and Fixed funding. Dream Wallets collects charges as per funding type. If the users reach their goal, they collect 5% in addition to 3% as Payment Gateway charges on both types of funding. In Flexible funding, users can keep what they get and Dream Wallets charge 9% on the amount even if they don’t reach their goal. In Fixed funding, the funds will be refunded to the contributors if the users don’t reach the goal. In such cases, they don’t charge but 3% to 6% will be deducted from the contributions by way of Payment Gateway charges.

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