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Doctor Insta provides online doctor consultation

Doctor Insta provides online doctor consultation

Doctor Insta provides instant doctor service anywhere and anytime.

You can consult the best doctors, psychologists and other specialists from your home at your comfortable time.

Doctor Insta’s services help put an end to long-standing waiting for a doctor.

Doctor Insta is a Gurugram startup. You can avail their services by downloading their app on your Android or iPhone.

The startup has announced its Online-Offline-Online-Offline (O4O) service model to improve the convenience of the users.

The users can avail their online consultation with the required doctor and get diagnostic tests done through their offline lab partners at the convenience of users’ home or office.

After that, the users can take a follow-up online consultation with the same doctor and get the prescription.

They can then get the delivery of offline medicines through Doctor Insta’s partner pharmacies.

Thus, the users can avail the services of a good doctor without disturbing their normal schedule. They can get lab reports and medicines at their home.

Normally, a person has to spend as much as 14 to 15 hours to wait for a doctor, to get a diagnostic test done and to get medicines.

But, all services are provided by Doctor Insta as and when required at the ease of users to save their time.

The aim of Doctor Insta is to bring quality healthcare to all people at their finger taps and make sure they lead a healthy lifestyle.

The company has a team of experienced doctors and efficient management professional to meet its goal.

The company claims there is no fee except pay per visit. ₹400 is charged per consultation.

They have different offers including packages for a year. You can get discounts if you choose these packages. Visit their website to know more information.

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