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Diabetacare – to help diabetics

Diabetacare – to help diabetics

This doctor turned CEO has decided to use his expertise to help diabetics.

His name is Sanjiv Agarwal. His startup is called diabetacare.

It is a technology that can work as data repository related to diabetes in hospitals. The data can be very useful in treating patients before they face many complications.

He wanted to launch his technology in India before going global.

This is because of sheer statistics.

There are more than 60 million diabetics in India.

It is the fastest growing disease in India.

This is the reason he wanted to help the patients.

His startup comes with everything needed for diabetics screening intervention.

This tech is made for hospitals to connect doctors and patients on one platform.

If a patient is diagnosed with diabetes, he or she will be added to the platform to be easily connected to the doctor.

Diabetacare – to help diabetics

Diabetacare – to help diabetics

The hospital will have Diabetacare which is used to monitor their patients through IoT devices and the app.

The patients are also given useful content to help them manage his or her health.

The company was started four years ago.

It has helped more than 37,000 patients so far.

They tied up with 65 clinics and hospitals.

Sanjiv says that the technology his company has built is made with complete security.


This means that the data related to patients is stored safe and is only the hands of hospitals.

He adds that taking four years to reach this point is worth the product they have now.

Diabetacare – to help diabetics

Diabetacare – to help diabetics

Sanjiv is ready to take this technology global.

He is also expanding in India first for the sake of it.

Diabetacare is a SaaS company.

This means that for every patient monitored and for the data analytics, the hospital pays Diabetacare.

Those patients who pay for it can also get the software of Diabetacare linked with IoT devices.

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