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CashCry attracts customers with cash rewards

CashCry attracts customers with cash rewards

Many online shopping websites offer cashbacks and coupons to attract customers. But, this Allahabad-based startup rewards its customers differently.

Bhanu Pratap Singh and Harshit Singh launched CashCry aiming to attract online buyers with cash rewards. The cash rewards are directly transferred into the bank accounts of customers.

The duo launched CashCry in mid-2019 with ₹5 lakhs accumulated from family members and friends under its parent company Broadbuy Technovative Solutions.

Bhanu Pratap Singh says that many online buyers in India look for the best deals, rewards, referral codes and coupons to gain monetary benefit. Hence, the duo wanted to create a platform to ease online shopping while getting direct cash benefits.

The startup mainly focused on cashbacks in the beginning. The startup receives referral fees from eCommerce platforms, which are given to customers as cashback. Bhanu says that around 90 per cent of the amount is given to the buyer, and the remaining amount is invested in business operations.

The duo decided to add more features to attract customers. They added price comparisons, gift cards etc., to their platform to make it more attractive to their customers. They also added offline retailers.

CashCry is a good platform for online shopping from many popular online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Fab India etc. In addition to that, it has over 150 offline retail partners like Jawed Habib. Customers can get discounted deals on this platform.

CashCry earns from affiliate marketing, and it passes the maximum benefit to its customers.

The startup completed a total Gross Merchandise Value of ₹3 crores, and around ₹8 lakhs had been given as cashbacks. Its total transactions exceed 18,000. The app has been downloaded 12,000 times.

The startup’s revenue exceeds ₹12 lakhs. The duo aims to improve it further in the coming months.

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