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Careerwill offers online test preparation courses

Careerwill offers online test preparation courses

The pandemic situation led to a nationwide shutdown of educational institutions. Hence, online classes become mandatory for students.

However, many rural students do not have access to them due to a lack of infrastructure. It is not exactly known when would the pandemic end and the resumption of physical classes happen. In this context, many edtech startups are coming up with innovative solutions to address the gaps in the existing regimen.

To provide online test preparation courses, Careerwilll emerged. These courses are easily accessible across various regions in the country. Even the students of Tier II and III cities can also access these courses on their mobile phones.

The online courses provided by the startup help students prepare for various competitive exams, civil services, and various other such exams.

The startup offers these courses on the Android app. Careerwill is a Delhi based startup. Pawan Kumar and Rakesh Kumar launched it in 2015. They launched the app in 2018.

The app has 3 million downloads and nearly 120,000 paying subscribers within three years.

The startup generated a revenue of more than ₹80 crores in 2020-21. It also launched a new segment for K-12 study.

The founders claim that more than one lakh students secured jobs in various government institutions using their online courses.

The experience encouraged them to launch an online school to help school students. With the launch of online school, the startup’s revenue increased three times to their regular earnings.

The founders struggled to earn huge revenue in the initial days as they were forced to keep the price between ₹1,000 and ₹1,500 for courses. At that time, they were charging ₹10,000 for offline courses. Also, many teachers were not interested to work for them considering their package low. They slowly gained the trust of teachers and the users as well. They overcome these challenges with time. Now, they have the best teachers as their faculty members.

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