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CallHealth provides healthcare at your doorsteps

CallHealth provides healthcare at your doorsteps

CallHealth aims to provide all healthcare services from prevention to cure at your doorsteps. You can consult doctors, buy medicine, get diagnostic tests, and other nursing services including physiotherapy with the help of CallHealth.

In case of any requirement to visit a hospital or imaging centers, this startup arranges the essential services.

CallHealth is a Hyderabad based startup. Currently, its services are available in this place only. But, in future, the company wants to extend its services to other places and towns.

CallHealth provides a complete range of healthcare services at your convenience unlike a hospital where you need wait for hours together to get your turn.

The company has a team of healthcare specialists who visit the patients after booking e-consultation. It does not have any hospital or diagnostic center.

CallHealth operates at Points of Presences. Health care experts attend the patients from there.

Normally, patients are not in a position to move. Even in hospitals, they are unable to wait for a long time due to their ill health.

CallHealth wants to put a end to the problems of patients. Patients need not travel to anyplace to visit a hospital. Nor do they need to wait in long queues.

With the help of CallHealth, patients can talk to doctors virtually either on a phone or through a video call.

After that, qualified mobile health officers visit the patients and perform the required diagnosis or tests.

The aim of the company is to provide services at the lowest possible rates. Charges depend on the case of the patients and treatment suggested to them by the doctors.

You can pay via debit or credit cards, and also through net banking option.


CallHealth provides healthcare at your doorsteps

They have different health plans for NRIs like monthly care plan, annual health plan, annual cure plan etc.

Patients or Associates need to register with them.

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