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Cakeify Provides DIY cake kits

Cakeify Provides DIY cake kits

If you have a strong passion for anything, you will find an opportunity for doing it. This young girl is a good example of it.

Elisha Parikh and Veer Kapur are the students of Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai. These 14-year-old teens launched their startup Cakeify to sell DIY cake kits.

Elisha Parikh is passionate about baking. Her love for baking began at the age of seven. It has grown with time. Veer Kapur, her classmate is fond of desserts. So, he joined Elisha to launch Cakeify. Both of them started it at their Young Entrepreneurs Academy class.

Before launching their startup, the duo brainstormed a lot and chose baking. At first, they wanted to provide only the mix and frosting for making cakes. However, they decided to provide complete DIY baking kits after extensive market research to compete in the market.

Their DIY kits consist of mixes for eggless cake and frosting, baking moulds, sprinkles and measuring cup. You just need milk, butter or oil to make the cake.

Elisha says that there are many ready cake mix brands in the market, but none of them provides baking moulds and sprinkles. Besides, Cakeify kit comes with both the cake mix and frosting mix in the same kit. Apart from that, it also provides a measuring cup to meet the different proportion needs of the people.

Cakeify kits are available in different flavours like chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet. They want to extend to some more flavours like coffee in future. The DIY kits are manufactured at a facility in Navi Mumbai. It was approved by FSSAI. Cakeify kits are priced in the range of ₹425 to ₹550. So far, they have sold more than 750 cake kits and earned a revenue of ₹3 lakhs. They received a tremendous response after the lockdown, especially for Raksha Bandhan.

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