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Buddy4Study helps students get CSR funding

Buddy4Study helps students get CSR funding

Education is a fundamental right. Still, it is a luxury for many underprivileged children. While quality infrastructure is low in many state-owned schools, education is an expensive matter in private schools.

As a result, many students remain dropped-outs, especially in higher education. Available data reports that the percentage of students drops to 35.9 per cent in senior secondary level from 62.7 per cent at the secondary level.

To help provide better education to all children in the country, Buddy4Study started its operations in 2017.

As the name suggests, it helps students get CSR funding for their education.

Buddy4Study is a Noida based startup. Using this platform, students can find matching scholarships, apply for them and receive them for their higher education.

Buddy4Study was founded by Manjeet Singh, Ashutosh Burnwal and Raj Kishore. The startup is registered in Delhi and its corporate office is in Noida.

It helps corporates use their CSR funds effectively for education of the underprivileged students.

Thus on the B2B front, Buddy4Study helps CSR fund providers reach their target audience and on the B2C front, eligible students can receive their scholarships for their education.

The present crisis of COVID-19 impacted the education of millions of students across the country. Buddy4Study helped students receive funding for their education during the crisis. Over 5,000 students received scholarships worth ₹12.5 crores in March 2020.

Buddy4Study grows its operations each year. The number of users in 2017 was two lakhs which increased to eight lakhs in 2018. At present, it has 2.4 million registered users. Students in the age group of 13 and 35 years are the beneficiaries of the startup.

It has around 100 B2B clients including HUL, Vodafone Foundation, LIC, HFL, HP Inc, Loreal, Marubeni, MSDF, and Colgate Palmolive.

Buddy4Study has also started a fundraising campaign to support the migrant workers during the lockdown.

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