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Avay Biosciences launches bio 3D printer

Avay Biosciences launches bio 3D printer

Bioprinting is becoming popular in recent days in India. This method allows the printing of artificial living tissues using bioinks.

Bioinks consist of two main components. The cells for the targeted type of tissue and biomaterials, like gelatin and collagen, which support the cells and their growth. These biomaterials are made from bones, meat, and cartilage through chemical processing.

These bioinks enable the specific types of cells to grow and support their growth. Based on their usage and functions, these inks are divided into three categories.

Now, a Chennai startup, Avay Biosciences, has launched a bio 3D Printer, Mito Plus, at a summit in Bengaluru. The printer can print human tissues and other biomaterials.

The startup installed its prototype of the printer at IISc, Bengaluru. It made the basic prototype in just four months.

It updated the prototype based on the inputs and feedback received from other research labs and scientists. Thus, it launched its bio 3D printer with advanced features. This indigenously developed printer is a good solution in bioprinting and revolutionary in the health-tech sector.

Manish Amin, CEO of Avay Biosciences, says that launching a final product is different from developing a prototype. Despite having many challenges in launching the product, they have succeeded.

Some of the challenges are software bugs and printing quality parts. However, they resolved all the issues and launched a printer that could print quality parts.

The startup developed a 3D printer in-house, mainly in Chennai and Bengaluru. It has a software team to focus on improving new features. The team also works on designing better software.

Avay claims that the bioprinter has many advanced features compared to its price. It can print many biomaterials. In addition, it has inbuilt UV curing options as well. It has excellent temperature control. It can be used in cancer biology, testing and cosmetology applications.

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Image Reference: https://www.avay.tech/

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