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This app finds your strengths and weaknesses

This app finds your strengths and weaknesses

When you look at a person it is hard to judge their abilities or character. That is why we have the phrase that first impressions can be deceiving.

The question remains as to how to get an objective perspective on someone. How to measure their strengths and weakness based on logical data.

This is the question that led to the app Leadburg. It is an app which allows users to play games, rate their friends, compare themselves, figure out strengths and weaknesses, and discover new compatibilities.

The app is created by a behavioral leadership researcher from The London School of Economics and Harvard, Sangeeth Varghese.

He was intrigued by the impact of behavioral traits in professional areas.

He found that three out of four employers consider behavioral competencies more important than domain skills.

That was when he saw the need for statistically valid, real-time behavioral and compatibility information in the professional sector.

The app he designed is just 3 MB in space. On an average, the users spend more than 10 minutes per day on it.

This app finds your strengths and weaknesses

This app finds your strengths and weaknesses

On the app, users can play games, rate their friends etc. Sangeeth says that this provides insightful information about a person that is not available on LinkedIn or Google.

Sangeeth says that there is a lot of learning with Leadburg. The certifications from the app are helpful for freshers who are making it into the professional world.

One of the main problems that Leadburg team faced while developing the app was how to let people share their behavioral data. They did not want to use a questionnaire because it wasn’t authentic enough.

That was when they realized to use games in the app. Furthermore, they designed a Facebook newsfeed-like feature to make it easy for people to be open and comfortable with giving responses.

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