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Adalyz – Best ads for your campaign

Adalyz – Best ads for your campaign

Advertising is a far blown ordeal, encompassing every form of media.

Each medium for each thing advertised may have varying degrees of success, to the point where it can be impossible to keep track of them all.

However, the creators Atul Verma, Vineet Shukla, and Suchit Puri have made an app that lets one do just that: managing each advertisement’s performance through factors such as its popularity through each week, the rate of viewer clicks, and the amount of money made by each.

The founding group of three came together with their various experiences in commerce through working at ThoughtWorks.

They remained in contact and discussed several problems together, eventually making the app Adalyz to solve one of them.

After finding out the widespread complaint throughout the industry regarding advertisement, they began building their product to allow complete visibility of all advertising spending.

Adalyz automatically generates easily comprehensible info graphs on things like one’s campaigns and branding.

Thus, it allows comprehension of all data on advertising in a few minutes’ worth of clicks.

One can group campaigns and track their traffic according to one’s needs, and there are detailed insights provided into each based on their cost, viewership rate, and the like.

Adalyz – Best ads for your campaign

Adalyz – Best ads for your campaign

There are also sharing capabilities for easy collaboration between users.

Their main targeted customers are the teams handling advertisement for paid media. Even though they had trouble understanding the workings of business at first, their own campaign has been very successful, expecting to grow to over 335 billion dollars by the year 2020.

Despite much competition around the world, they have a unique advantage in their providing of a cross-channel view of various campaigns. Their future plans now include having a monthly rate of 25,000 dollars and opening to the European Union and Southeast Asia in the next year.

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