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Zerodha announces incentives for employees to stay fit

Zerodha announces incentives for employees to stay fit

As the pandemic forced many employees to work from home, several are suffering from many health issues. This is due to a lack of physical exercise and prolonged working hours.

In this context, some companies are focusing on the health of their employees and coming up with various initiatives for them. Zerodha Broking Limited is one such company, which asked its employees to stay fit and healthy. For this, it announced incentives of one-month salary as a bonus. Besides, the company announced a lucky draw of ₹10 lakhs also.

Zerodha founder Nithin Kamath tweeted about this initiative, saying that their team faced many health issues after the first lockdown in the country. Hence, the company wanted to encourage their employees to focus on their health and stay fit. Then, the company asked its employees to set a 12-month get-healthy goal and update their progress every month. The company announced a lucky draw for ₹10 lakhs, in addition, to earning a one-month salary as a bonus to those who reached their goal.

The response was overwhelming. Several employees shared their stories and inspired their colleagues. The improved health of employees improved their professional performance also. Impressed by the results, the company wants to continue the Get Healthy programme and run it permanently.

Kamath said that he shared the idea and the inspiring story of his company on Twitter to seed the idea among fellow entrepreneurs.

However, this is not the first time for Zerodha to focus on the health of its employees. The company issued a notification in the past saying that it would refrain from having work-related conversations after 6:00 p.m. and during holidays. The company believed that it would help reduce stress and anxiety among employees and keep them cheerful.

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