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Ways to keep your computer cool

Ways to keep your computer cool

Cool environment is essential for computers to work efficiently. Keeping them cool improves their longevity as well.

Here are a few ways to keep your computer cool:

  • Keep your computer and fans clean for their efficient working. Open your computer system and clean dirt, dust, pet hair etc. Clean each fan carefully with a cloth or brush using a few drops of rubbing alcohol.
  • Allow your system for free airflow. Do not keep it up against a wall. Keep it two to three inches away from the wall. Also, do not keep anything any side, especially the backside of the computer. This is because most of the hot air flows out of the backside of the computer. Do not enclose your computer inside a desk as it may heat your system.
  • Keep your PC in a cool area. If you find the place where you kept it hot, then move it to a cool place. Be careful while moving it and unplug everything to avoid damage to the sensitive parts.
  • CPU is the most sensitive part. It is more prone to overheat. Hence, the CPU fan is vital to cool your processor and work efficiently. So if your computer is getting heated, upgrade the CPU fan.
  • Case fans are vital because they help move air through a computer freely to keep it cool. If you want to keep it cool, install two case fans. One fan helps move warm air out of the system and another one to allow cool air into it.
  • Do not operate your system with the case opened. Many people run their system with the case open to keep it cooler. However, if the case is left open, chances of clogging the fans with dust, debris etc. will increase, which may eventually lead to slow down their function. Hence, always use your computer case closed unless the case has a fan.

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