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Uber flying taxis soon to come to India

Uber flying taxis soon to come to India

Uber has announced an ambitious project that they will be launching in five countries, one of which is India.

This project by the name of ‘Uber Air City’ aims to revolutionize air taxis. They are also planning to apply the same system for deliver food via their platform ‘Uber eats’ using drones.

The project of flying cars will be launched in Japan, India, Australia, Brazil and France in the next five years.

The company made a demonstration recently and talked about how Uber Air in Asia pacific routes can benefit and improve local transportation systems.

Eric Allison, Head of Uber Aviation Programs, said that they will soon host the first ever Uber Elevate Asia Pacific Expo which showcases the future Uber Air.

Furthermore, drones will be able to deliver food much faster and makes it more affordable.

They are also expected to be more reliable and can help users get food from restaurants which are far away as well.

All of this is part of Uber’s Elevate program. They are aiming to create urban aerial ride-sharing, globally.

It is expected that in five years, Uber customers in the specified cities can easily get a flight on demand with the push of a button.

Uber has formed a network of partners for this mission. It consists of vehicle manufacturers, real estate developers, technology experts etc.

Originally, they planned Dallas and Los Angeles as the first two US launch cities for this program. Later they announced that they are aiming for an international city for its third city.

Now they have chosen cities from five countries: Japan, India, Australia, France, and Brazil. In India, Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai seem to be the contenders for this program.

People living in the selected launch cities can get a flight at just the push of a button. Furthermore, drones will be able to deliver between cities in safe and reliable methods.

Image Reference: Yourstory

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