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Traits of a person born in night

Traits of a person born in night

Astrology and Vedic Shastras put a lot of emphasis on factors like place of birth, day of birth, date and even time of birth, when it comes to what decides a personality. The following article is based on the vedic astrology.

It is about the personality traits that are common among people born at night.

Being a visionary

Those who are born on the nights or after sunset are usually said to be more creative and visionary. They tend to have a preference towards arts and music says Vedic Shastras.

Mama’s child

Those who are born at night tend to prefer their mother to their father. They tend to focus on even small details when making observations. Even their opinions are formed based on such small details.

High level of confidence

These people are said to have a good deal of confidence. They are stubborn and don’t like to change their way for anything. They are also more productive and social in evenings and nights than day.

High spirits

They are generally more high spirited and have wishful thinking. They are also great at being imaginative which makes them good at creative fields.

Very good minds and mental aptitude

People born at nights tend to have very sharp minds. They also love to be critics of many things.

They also love knowing new things. Most of them tend to stay up to date with all new things and affairs happening around them and the world.

These people are quite social. Due to their confidence, they tend to have a big circle of friends.

This article is based on the vedic sciences of India. They are not meant to be scientific facts. They give a general guideline to the personality of those born in nights.

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