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Tips for work-life balance

Tips for work-life balance

Basic needs are essential for all. These include food, water, shelter etc. After that, one wants to satisfy emotional needs like safety, love, self-esteem etc.

If you go to work to earn money for satisfying basic needs, then you may have not that much time to spend with people. Thus, you can only partially satisfy your emotional needs.

Yet, it is essential to balance your work and personal life.

There are certain things like over ambitions, societal expectations, seeking perfectionism that can create an imbalance in your work and life.

Here are some important tips for work-life balance:

  • One might see many things are important from work, family, sleep, friends and fitness. But, choose only the top three important things. It is important for anyone to know priorities among the multiple goals.
  • Avoid multi-tasking. This may seem to be good at the initial stage but increases your stress at the end.
  • Some people try to do all things alone without asking anybody’s help. Others will also take it for granted. But, it is not good for your health. So, learn to say ‘no’ to some works and also to the activities that distract your priorities.
  • Use a diary to monitor your activities on your workday and holiday. Categorize the things according to their priority or urgency. Focus on completing the important tasks and eliminate unimportant things.
  • Try to change your lifestyle or activities to improve your work-life balance. For instance, if you schedule your client meeting in off-peak hours, then you can spend less time in traffic.
  • Build a good network with your colleagues so that they can help you in times of need. Also, build a good relationship with your family members to get their support. It also helps prevent depression and frustration.
  • Keep your body and mind healthy with regular exercise, meditation, music, yoga and any other good habit that keeps you happy.
  • Designate some time to unplug your mobile and internet to stop useless activities. Rather spend your time to relax and rest, and also to engage with your surrounding people to refresh.
  • Spend at least an hour every day exclusively for yourself to respect your inner-self.

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