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Thousands of people gather for last rites of a beggar

Thousands of people gather for last rites of a beggar

Yesterday, thousands of people attended the last rites of a person in Karnataka. Do you think he is a celebrity? No, he is a beggar. Then, why did so many people gather for his last rites?

Basappa alias Huccha Bashya was a beggar in Hoovina Hadagali, Karnataka. He used to ask only ₹1 as alms. He would refuse to accept extra money even though people forced him to take it. He used to return the additional money if they gave him. He would smile at them and bless them after taking alms from them.

He used to call people Appaji (father). Many people considered him a lucky charm. Nobody knew his whereabouts, but since his young age, he had been seen begging in Hoovina Hadagali town.

He was mentally challenged, but he never troubled anyone. Due to his mental illness, he left his village and reached Hoovina Hadagali. He was a well-known beggar in the town.

Whenever authorities tried to move him to a rehabilitation centre, the local people used to stop their efforts. They used to feed him on many occasions. He was so popular that almost all the people of the town could recognize him.

They used to search for him when they did not find him at his regular place. He was like a member of the town till his death.

Basappa met with an accident last week, as a moving bus hit him. After that, he was admitted to a government hospital, where he died after three days.

The news spread in the town, and several people gathered at the hospital. Apart from individuals, many shopkeepers and organizations also gathered there. They decided to arrange a procession for the funeral by pooling money. They put banners across the city. Around 4,000 people attended the funeral of Basappa.

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