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Things that 90s Indian kids will remember

Things that 90s Indian kids will remember

Nostalgia is something we often feel when we think of our childhood. When you are born in the 90s or 80s there are some trademarks items that you will remember as part of your childhood.

Here are the most common things for a 90s kid.

Reynold’s pens and China pens

These pens are extremely common for a 90s Indian kid. Reynolds pens were like a trademark for Indian kids. The whole process of refilling those China Ink pens was fascinating and tough for a 90s kid.

The toffees

Remember coffee bite toffees? And those amazing Kismi bars? There are many different toffees and candies that are unavailable now. Thinking back to them will definitely make you feel nostalgic.


To 90s Indian kids, there was different kind of Pepsi than the aerated drink that is popular now. These were ice candies wrapped in plastic covers and were available just for half rupee or one rupee.

Brick game videogame

These cheap handheld devices were one of the most sought after gadgets for a 90s kid. Playing these games for hours and asking parents money for new batteries is something that almost every 90s kid remembers.

Goli (Goti)

Playing with these was one of the favorite past times for a 90s kid. These marbles was reason for many fights among friends from childhood.

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