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Sports in India

Sports in India

In the recent Rio Olympics, India only returned with 2 medals. It was disappointing for many people. Many reasons were given for such an underwhelming number of victories for such a big country. Here are some facts about the sports situation in India.

The Government is not involved in management of sports. Sports in India is managed by respective National Sports Federations in India. They are independent from government and they organize competitive events, select sportsperson to represent the state or country.

These sports federations are autonomous and registered as societies like the BCCI. The government has no control in administration or appointment of members of these federations.

Sports federation can be formed by anyone. A group of people who care about a sport can form a federation. This doesn’t mean that the group will get any special privileges. In order for that, the federation has to be affiliated to the respective international sports federation. For example, All India Football Federation is affiliated to FIFA.

Government does assist certain recognized sports. The government plays a part in promotion and development of sports. The sports ministry gives various national level sports federations recognized status. These federations can receive financial grants.

The recognition by government is not limited to Olympic sports. If a national sports federation is affiliated to IOA, it is easy to get recognition.

BCCI is different from other non-Olympic sports. BCCI never applied for recognized status. BCCI hence wants to be kept out of RTI as they don’t receive direct government assistance.

Sports federations which affiliated to IOA can send sportspersons and officials to events. The government doesn’t have the power to select sportspersons for a sport. The sports federation chooses the person for international events like CWG, Asian Games, or Olympics.

Government has no power to interfere in management of sports federations. It does not have executive powers. IOA was suspended by IOC due to Indian government interfering with IOA elections.

Government can formulate rules and laws for sports. These laws apply for federations to follow. They can never be in direct conflict with rules and by-laws of the international federations.

There is politician influence on many sports bodies and associations. There are politicians who are members of federations.

If we look at USA which won highest number of medals in Rio, they have no Sports Ministry there. They have a Department of Health and Human Services, who advises local bodies and schools to spend on sports. Sports are given an important priority along with education. Maybe this is one of the main differences between India and USA that is letting the latter perform so much better.

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