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Similarities between Indians and Americans

Similarities between Indians and Americans

Indians and Americans may be on two ends of the world, however, there are quite a few similarities between both the country men. Here are some of the weird similarities between Indians and Americans.

Both are racist

Racism occurs both in America and India. This is one of the biggest similarities between the citizens of the two countries.

Loving the cow in two different ways

Both the country men respect the value of a cow (in their own ways). Indians divide cows into four different parts and associate each part with a different god. While Americans do not worship cow as a god, they do value the parts of cow and sell it for a good price.

Erotic sense

The world’s first pornographic magazine called “Playboy” was started in the US. On the other hand, Indians have turned sex into a science since ancient times with the “Kamasutra”.

The love for dance

There is a strong passion for dance among Indians. There are many classical styles like Bharatanatyam, kuchipudi, etc. Even Americans share an interest in dancing which is evident from programs like Dancing with the Stars, and So You Think You Can Dance.

The Indian history

The native Americans and Indians are both termed as Indians. When Columbus discovered the people of Caribbean, he called them Indians.

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