SC Judge: Women have the right to decide on pregnancy

SC Judge: Women have the right to decide on pregnancy

SC Judge: Women have the right to decide on pregnancy

A K Sikri, judge of Supreme Court spoke about the role of women in having a baby. He said that the woman should have the choice of whether to have a baby, or abort or prevent pregnancy.

He was speaking at the state of affairs related to women’s reproductive rights and how men are making the main decision related to having kids and are imposing their decisions.

Sikri said that in India, reproductive rights are hardly ever given to the woman. He calls it a failure for humanity.

Even in 21st century with so many technological advances and women even going to space and creating artificial intelligence, our country is still not letting our women enjoy the fruits of humanity he says.

The symposium that Sikr spoke of was organized by Jindal Global University (JGU). It was called Reproductive Rights In Indian Courts: Celebrating Progress, Identifying Challenges And Discussing The Way Forward.

Talking about pregnancy rights, he says that it is a human right based on human dignity. It is mixed with the sexual right of the woman.

Sikri says that in India, the choice is of the husband or what elders say about when there should be a child or what gender it should be come in to play.

He says that the choice to reproduce, abort or prevent pregnancy is about the body of a woman and hence by that virtue she should have the right.

The judge said that it is the judiciary which ultimately is the interpreter of the law and has the final say in what the law is.

Talking about the recent Bollywood movie ‘Pink’, the Justice said that a woman should have the freedom to make a decision about her sexual and pregnancy rights.

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