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Online Shopping Addiction


As technology is increasing, so are health disorders related to it.

Several studies have shown that too much dependence on technology not only disrupts physical health but also mental health.

Many health disorders are identified each day by scientists.

Now, researchers find that online shopping addiction is a mental health disorder.

People who have this addiction buy everything online even though they don’t need most of them.

If they see a particular item, they will buy it without a second thought whether it fits them or not.

They also do not care whether they would use it or not.

For instance, Vikramaditya Sharma, a 25-year-old buys several stationery items that he will never use and shoes or apparels that are not his size.

Sharma is not the only person. Many people like him buy several unwanted things online.

Scientists identified that this is a mental disorder. They termed it as ‘buying-shopping disorder’ (BSD).

BSD is not a new disorder and around 5 per cent of adults in developed countries are suffering from it.

Most people are addicted to online shopping due to the availability of new products and easy delivery.

Some are even attracted by advertisements like ‘buy now or cry later’.

Like any other disease, BSD also has some stages. While some are in the early stage, others are in an ‘advanced’ stage with full-blown BSD.

Some of the BSD symptoms include obsessive checking for latest things on various websites for many hours, post-purchase guilt and inability to stop buying even though they know they are wasting money.

Some other symptoms are depression or bi-polar disease and feeling happy after buying a thing online.

Researchers say that Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy session can cure BSD. However, the patient must recognize his addiction and want to get rid of it.

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