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Online Petitions signed against Aamir Khan

Online Petitions signed against Aamir Khan

By uttering his opinion on the alleged intolerance in India, Bollywood actor Aamir Khan found himself in troubles. Earlier, in the Ramnath Goenka Awards function which was hosted by the Indian Express Group, Aamir Khan said that his wife was afraid of the prevalent conditions in India and wondered if they should move out of India? Aamir’s statement led to major controversy in the country. Several Bollywood celebrities as well as normal people were upset by his statement as it might damage the nation’s pride.

Day-before-yesterday, Twitter was flooded with many messages against Aamir Khan by #ShameAamirKhan though very few were supported him on #IStandWithAamirKhan. The statement of Aamir Khan influenced the brands for which he is an ambassador. Snapdeal is one such company. Several people uninstalled its mobile app stating that they won’t buy products on the website until the company changes its brand ambassador.

Meanwhile, an online petition was filed on with the title “Support Aamir Khan’s decision to move out of India”. More than 5,600 people supported this petition saying that they will help Aamir Khan leave India if he finds India intolerant. Several fans criticized that the name and fame he is enjoying at present is gained through this “Intolerant India”.

Later, another online petition was filed on by Gagan M from Davangere in Karnataka. The petition was addressed to Government of India, PMO, Tourism Ministry and Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi. The title of the petition is “Remove Aamir khan as an ambassador of incredible India who insulted India as intolerant”. The petition was supported by around 1,700 members.

A case also was filed in a court in Kanpur against Aamir Khan. Due to massive outrage and after wetting in the showers of criticism from normal people to celebrities, Aamir Khan clarified his statement saying that he is proud to be an Indian and he does not have any intention to leave the country. And he feels fortunate for being born here. He said that his statement was distorted.

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