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Monsoons: Important driving tips to follow

Monsoons: Important driving tips to follow

The monsoon season is coming soon. Karnataka has already been having heavy rains. Both Bengaluru and Mangaluru have already been experiencing flooding. The rest of India is experiencing similar situations.

The monsoons might bring down temperatures and transform the landscape, but they also wreak havoc and disrupt transport.

It is very important to keep one’s vehicle safe during the monsoon season and drive carefully. These are some tips to help one drive safely during the monsoon season.

One of the most important things to do for the monsoon season is to monitor one’s tires. Make sure that the tires have enough tread on them, since the heavy monsoon rains make the roads much slipperier.

Cars have a high risk of aquaplaning on these slippery roads. Also, check the tires’ inflation and pressure, since tires tend to lose pressure during the monsoon season.

Naturally, during the monsoon season, people will be using their windshield wipers much more often. Since the monsoon season brings hard and frequent rain, the rubber lining on wiper blades can wear off very quickly.

Therefore, always make sure to check that windshield wipers are functioning properly at all speeds. Also, clean the wipers with a small amount of mild detergent when necessary.

Brakes are the most crucial parts of a car. However, braking a car can be dangerous during the monsoon season, due to the wet and slippery conditions of the roads. Make sure to clean out the brake pads or even replace them.

Check the brake fluid levels. Make sure the brake lines are monitored for proper lubrication. Most importantly, ensure that the car has adequate stopping power, so that it does not skid on rain-slicked roads.

Make sure that any loose or malfunctioning electrical connections are patched up. If there are any exposed wires, they must be fully insulated. Make sure that the fuses are good and carry extra fuses to be safe. Shine up the headlights so that they can emit light better in the rain.

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